Take flight, VELTRA kite

Latest information from local tour professionals

Curated travel media in the time of COVID-19

The day when we can travel the world will come again.
And as you read current local experiences told vividly by our trusted travel partners,
it will feel as if the winds of these destinations are flowing around you.

Our trusted partners from around the world will provide you
with the most up-to-date information directly
from the destination so that when the time comes,
you will have peace of mind during your travels.

A kite flying in the sky is said to become the wind itself.
Feel that wind that comes from around the world,
and be connected once more.

To all of you who will love to travel, VELTRA will help lift up your kites into the wind.

Information Disclaimer:

・Although we verify the information provided by our partners, this information may differ from official government statements.
・The displayed date and time are listed in Japan Standard Time (GMT +9)