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Local news
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< Watch the WBC World Baseball Classic at a sports bar 🇯🇵 >

Watching the WBC semi-finals "Samurai Japan vs. Mexico"!

In New York, a melting pot of races, there are too many different nationalities, countries of origin, favorite sports, and interests.

We don't see the excitement of "raising the country" like Japan, but

When you go to a sports bar, it's another world!

Wearing the colors of each country's national flag and holding beer mugs in one hand

Even people who don't know each other will suddenly become a "team" and it will be the best excitement.

If you come to New York on a trip, I recommend buying a ticket and going to a nearby sports bar instead of going to the ballpark.

If you can't find a sports bar,
Shops with big screens on the walls and Irish bars with a wide selection of beers are also OK!
(However, if you go to the wrong store, you will feel alienated.)

In NY, the match against Mexico will start at 7:00 pm on Monday, March 20th.

Tonight, Japanese people in New York are gathering at an Irish bar in Manhattan to say, "Let's all support Samurai Japan!"


⚫︎ Address
27 West 35th Street, New York, NY 10001
(On 35th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues)

Meanwhile, of course I didn't go downtown to watch the game at my favorite sports bar in Harlem!

I'm wearing the official New Era Japan CAP that I got at a popular CAP specialty shop that Kimiko visits on her harem tour (photo)

* $ 41 CAP is already available online for $ 80 and up ️

When you come to NY, I'm looking forward to meeting you all on my NY information packed Harlem tour with Kimiko.

⚫︎Kimiko Matsuo's harem tour


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Current situation in United States, New York and Local news. #1

Local news from 松尾公子

New York

April 10, 2024

Local news

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Friday, April 5, 2024, 10:23 AM
There was a magnitude 4.8 earthquake in New York.
(The epicenter was in neighboring New Jersey.)

"There are no earthquakes in New York"
The day that myth collapsed.

In terms of seismic intensity, would it be around 2 or less?
Some people didn't feel the shaking at all.

It was a very rare experience

All day long, TV news and people's conversations were dominated by stories of "earthquake experiences."


Within 20 minutes of the earthquake

"I survived the NYC earthquake"
I survived the NYC earthquake.

Make a T-shirt that says

On sale now for $10 each

As soon as it hits the shelves
There was a 2-hour queue.

In just one hour, they sold over 1,000 copies, totalling about 1.5 million yen.

A former bank employee and shop owner is attracting attention.

"There was no major damage, so we were able to do this.
New Yorkers enjoy everything."

If you are coming to New York

Be sure to also look for the seasonal printed T-shirts that are a New York specialty.

When you come to NY
Please come and join Kimiko Matsuo's Harlem tour, packed with information on New York and entertainment.


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Current situation in United States, New York and Local news. #1

New York

March 22, 2024

Local news

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June 2nd (Sun), 3rd (Mon)
Kaze Fujii's concert will be held at the Apollo Theater on 125th Street in the center of Harlem, NY.

Last week March 15th (Friday)
On sale starts at 10am NY time

It's sold out in no time.

I had warned the Apollo representative in advance that it would sell out quickly.

Everyone was surprised at how fast it was beyond imagination.

At the same time as the release
Even though it has a capacity of 1500 seats.
Apparently 4,000 people were already on the waiting list.

List price: $49 (approx. 7,350 yen) ~
ticket for

Today, one week after its release,
Even the official website of Apollo Theater

416 dollars - 3075 dollars (62400 yen - 461,250 yen)

When it comes to resale tickets, it seems like they come with an even greater amount of money.

Japanese living near New York,
And it seems that there are many fans from Japan who come to New York just for this event.

Since Akiko Wada 15 years ago,
I have a feeling that the Apollo Theater will be filled with Japanese people and Japanese people.

Unfortunately, tickets are already sold out.

“I want to feel the atmosphere of the Apollo Theater where Kaze Fujii will be performing!”

If you are interested, please

"Harem Walking Tour"

"Apollo Theater Amateur Night Tour"

Please come and visit us.
(From the link below)


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Current situation in United States, New York and Local news. #1

New York

March 2, 2024

Local news

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●The “Harlem Renaissance Exhibition” is being held at the Metropolitan Museum (MET) on Fifth Avenue in NY●

After the emancipation of slaves from the 1920s to the 1940s, African Americans migrated from the southern United States in search of freedom.

Black culture will bloom in Harlem, NY.

There are 160 paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, etc.!

I was surprised by the unique use of colors and touches.

While thinking about the historical background that I always talk about with Deep on my Harlem tours.

You can't help but experience the freedom and splendor of art.

It was so wonderful that people praised it and said, “It should be installed permanently!”

This event is open until July 28, 2024!

I want to go five more times, no, I want to see more.

●The Met presents
"The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism"

February 25 – July 28, 2024

If you come to NY, be sure to take Kimiko Matsuo's Harem Tour, which is full of NY information and entertainment information.


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Current situation in United States, New York and Local news. #1