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Latest COVID-19 conditions
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This is a guide to the inspection agency where you can earn your corona negative proof income when you return to Japan from Los Angeles.
Inspections at the current Los Angeles doctor's office and at the airport are also possible. We would like to introduce you to the weekend support and Japanese support.
Currently, all people (regardless of nationality) entering Japan will undergo a new coronavirus test and obtain a test certificate 72 hours before the departure of an international flight to the United States.
In addition to the prescribed format, the inspection certificate can be used in any format that contains the specified information (see the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website) .html

Organizer: PCR test report SIERA BIO LAB)
Target: Those who enter Japan from the United States. Infant support fee: $ 120 per person / Not covered by insurance Form: Certificate issued in the form prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, including the doctor's signature.
Doctor name: Flores Byron, MD
Submission time: We will send it to your E-MAIL within 36 hours after the sample test. (Be sure to bring your passport.)
Examination method: Nasopharyngeal swab (nasopharynx)
PCR method: Real time RT_PCR method Time notation: Specify the sample collection time in hours and minutes & specify the date when the result was found.

COVIC-19 Inspection and collection location
LA office. Inspection center (with parking lot)
Address: 2060 Marengo St, Los Angeles, CA 90033
IRVINE office. Inspection center (with parking lot)
Address: 16902 Mikkikan Ave., Irvine, CA 92606

Hours of use: 09:00 AM to 16:00
Weekdays: No reservations. Walk-in inspection available Saturdays and Sundays: No reservations required in the morning, reservations required in the afternoon (including holidays)
* For reservations on Saturdays, Sundays and afternoons, please contact us by the day before using the online site or the number below.

Reservation Inquiries Japanese support: (323) -578-0434
English: (213) -272-5626 / (323) -576-2528

Local news from Naomi

Destination updates

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We will deliver the concert information of the popular Korean group BTS from the end of November to December from Los Angeles. Needless to say, the world-famous concert of seven people will be held at SOFI Stadium, LA's latest stadium with a capacity of 70,000 people, and the town is getting excited.
I went on an expedition to Sepulveda Dam where their music video'ON'was recorded.
30 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles. A dam suddenly appears in a field surrounded by freeways in the town of Burbank. This dam is intended to be used in the event of a flood, so it is a movie shooting spot in Los Angeles that was usually used in various other movies without water.
A light walk of about 15 minutes from the parking lot will take you to the dam.
It will be a little good exercise.…

Current situation in United States, Los Angeles and Destination updates. #1

Los Angeles

April 16, 2021

Latest COVID-19 conditions

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Los Angeles has been a beautiful season with bright sunshine and various flowers blooming all over the city.
California poppy, a symbol of wildflowers, unfortunately has few flowers this year, and it's far from the scenery that people were excited to say that it was a once-in-a-century super blooming in 2017 and 2019, but along the freeway. Rape blossoms and poppies compete for beauty and entertain us,

In California as a whole, 23.2 million COVID 19 vaccines have already been vaccinated, of which 8.55 million have been vaccinated as many times as needed, which is 21.6% of the population.
One in five Californians will be vaccinated at a high speed, and I think we can see the strength of the United States. Regulations such as California, Los Angeles, and Los Angeles International Airport have also clearly changed post-immigration regulations for vaccinated and non-vaccinated people.
Japanese customers also hope that the days when they can travel freely after vaccination will come one step further.

Eating and drinking in restaurants is restricted in various places including Los Angeles, but it has resumed and the city is beginning to regain its vitality. The reopening of the theme parks that everyone has been waiting for has begun in sequence.
Disneyland Resort > Reservation required 04/30/2021 Open Knott's Berry Farm > Reservation required 05/21/2021 Open Universal Studios > Reservation required 04/16/2021 open

Six Flags Magic Mountain Open by Reservation San Diego Sea World

Sports such as baseball will also be held with an increasing number of spectators.

Airmail from Japan is gradually returning to normal.
JAL flights from Japan to Los Angeles are currently confirmed once a day.
Haneda JAL16 Wed / Fri / Narita JAL6 February / Tue / Thu / Do Kansai International Airport flights depart on Saturday only for flights returning to Japan.

If you are returning to the Kansai area, we recommend that you choose a flight departing on Saturday.

Current situation in United States, Los Angeles and Latest COVID-19 conditions. #1

Los Angeles

April 7, 2021

Latest COVID-19 conditions

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We will inform you about vaccine information from Los Angeles, USA.
Today, I have been vaccinated against corona at a pharmacy in Little Tokyo.
Most people have muscle aches and mild fever, so I was told to be relieved, and I'm watching the situation with a little excitement. There are no noticeable symptoms so far, so I am relieved.
Although California is slow to resume vaccines and economic activity, it is making progress every day.
Six Flags Magic Mountain is also open on April 15th.
The bubble head doll of Angels Otani, who has been doing well since the beginning of the season, will be a fan present earlier this year, and is scheduled for April 16th.
The other day, the news that the Texas Rangers had accepted the number of spectators to the stadium to the full was reported in Japan as well.
What will happen to the admission restrictions for this Angels match?
Like Nomo, who caused a big whirlwind in Los Angeles, which was not energetic due to the LA riots long ago.
I'm looking forward to Otani blowing off the corona!

Current situation in United States, Los Angeles and Latest COVID-19 conditions. #1