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May 29, 2020 21:05 JST
Frankfurt Am Main, GERMANY

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It's crowded on sunny days, but patrol police are watching. Many hotels are still closed.

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Latest COVID-19 conditions

From today on 2. November Germany has a "light-Lock-down" until the end of November.
With a big hope, the number of infection gets reduced before the year ends.

The photo is Frankfurt Main Rail Station (17.Ocotber)

Current situation in Germany, Frankfurt am Main and Latest COVID-19 conditions. #1

Frankfurt Am Main

July 13, 2020

Local news

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Franken, Michelbach-Alzenau

on 12 July there was a WalktheWine event which you start from the Station and get a start sparkling wine
and snacks and continue walking around Michelbach Vineyard from where you have a beautiful view over the city and you can see Frankfurt.
On the way you have 6 stations to stop for drink Wine and food.

Due to Covid-19 max the starting time was limited number of persons.

The cooperation of local wineries and wine restaurants it was well done and people were very happy.

Current situation in Germany, Frankfurt am Main and Local news. #1
Current situation in Germany, Frankfurt am Main and Local news. #2

Latest COVID-19 conditions

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In Germany, corona measures differ depending on the state, but overall, the opening of restaurants and shops started from the middle of May, but the contact limit was extended until June 29. Contact in public is limited to 10 people or 2 households. All shops are required to keep a mask, a distance of 1.5 meters.