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July 23, 2020 21:07 JSTlovely

Latest COVID-19 conditions
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It's been three weeks since the airport in Malta reopened.
We will report the latest inside the airport.

You will be required to wear a mask or visor at the airport.
There are no people because it is before the arrival of the flight in the morning.
In the arrival area, such partitions are provided to prevent passengers from touching people.
The style is to go out directly.

Until now, when exiting security, taxi and coach drivers and customer information staff were waiting, but now they are waiting outside.

Malta had easy access to the arrival and departure areas. (Since it's a small airport, it's about 200 meters) There are also partitions so it's not easy to go.

In the arrival area, only those who have a boarding pass will go to the check-in counter after receiving the temperature check.

Malta is gradually regaining its liveliness.
Customers from Japan can also enter the country without compulsory isolation.

We look forward to welcoming Japanese customers as soon as possible.

Current situation in Malta,  and Latest COVID-19 conditions. #1
Current situation in Malta,  and Latest COVID-19 conditions. #2

Local news from JMT


Aug. 5, 2020

Destination updates

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Known as the jewel of the Mediterranean, Malta is also famous for its beautiful ocean.
But surprisingly there are few sandy beaches.
Famous examples include Mellieha Beach and Golden Bay.

It is difficult to walk on the rocky beach because the scaffold is rugged, but when you enter with Zabun, the wonderful seascape spreads. Great for snorkeling.

This is the city called "Bahrija". I found a view of a hidden spot in western Malta.
What a transparency!
These places are everywhere in Malta.
It is good to explore such a rare scenery.

Current situation in Malta,  and Destination updates. #1


July 31, 2020

Destination updates

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This is Three Cities.
This is a traditional Maltese fishing boat dicer.
The ship is also known as a ferry between Valletta and Three Cities or a Grand Harbor cruise in the Valletta area.
The ferry is 2 euros and the 30 minute cruise is 8 euros which is very reasonable.

When you come to Malta, enjoy a spectacular cruise on Valletta's fort.
It is recommended

Current situation in Malta,  and Destination updates. #1


July 29, 2020

Local news

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It is Valletta, the capital of Malta.
Since the airport was reopened, the number of people has been increasing.

In summer in Malta, there are many church events every weekend.
In the lively parade, 〆is a big fireworks display!
I'm wondering if it's going to be canceled in Corona this year, but I hear the sound of fireworks over the weekend.
The fireworks display and festivals are continuing, albeit on a small scale.

In Malta, the usual days are returning without the influence of corona on the summer season.

Current situation in Malta,  and Local news. #1