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July 17, 2022 11:07 JSTemotionless

Latest COVID-19 conditions
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Due to the occurrence of multiple clusters, the number has increased to 1733 in the community. The Macau government has announced that it has been implementing relative rest treatment (almost lockdown) since July 11th last week, and will extend this by another week until 22nd. Going out is still basically prohibited (excluding emergency reasons, PCR inspections, purchasing ingredients. Lockdown is not possible, but the minimum necessary going out is allowed.) It is legally binding and there are penalties.

Three more PCR tests can be performed on all citizens in the extended week. Still aiming for zero corona.

Local news from マカオ-平和の鳩


April 17, 2023

Latest COVID-19 conditions

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from Macau.
As of April 17, Macau's entry restrictions have been lifted.
It is possible to enter from Japan, Europe and the United States as before.
If you have a Japanese passport, you can do it without a visa.
Vaccine proof and PCR negative proof are not required.
Finally. It's been a long time.
(Please check separately for border measures when returning to Japan)

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Dec. 19, 2022

Destination updates

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Border measures for entering Macau have been relaxed.
Until now, 5 days of hotel medical isolation + 3 days of home or hotel isolation,
It was a 5-day hotel or home medical observation.

Although there are some restrictions, you will be able to do sightseeing and eating and drinking.
[Before entering Macau]
It is recommended to install the Macau Health Code App prior to entry.
Negative PCR proof valid within 48 hours is required.
Wear a KN95 or N95 standard mask.

[Macau immigration procedures]
After arriving in Macau, another PCR test will be performed.
After that, you can transfer to your hotel.

[Staying in Macau]
The first 3 days are RED codes in the health code app.
In the meantime, I will do an antigen test every day and upload the test results to the app.

There are three types of health codes: RED, YELLOW, and GREEN codes.
RED ⇒ No entry to government offices, government-operated facilities, or casinos. possible to the hotel. Restaurants may be entered depending on the location (stores that require presentation of a health code are not allowed). Large group gathering is not allowed.
YELLOW ⇒ Impossible to government offices and government-operated facilities. Hotels are possible. Restaurants may be entered depending on the location (stores that require presentation of a health code are not allowed). Large group gathering is not allowed.
GREEN ⇒ No regulation *Varies slightly depending on the facility.


Sept. 22, 2022

Local news

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Macau still has a zero-corona policy.
Life in the city is normal.
Entry of foreign nationals has been relaxed to some extent. I was not able to enter the country until now,
From September, even foreign nationals are allowed to enter the country with a quarantine observation period of 7 days + 3 days.
However, I wonder if tourists are still difficult if there is isolation observation itself.

Another welcome news is the return flight to Japan.
Air Macau announced that it will return to Macau Narita with one flight a week from October 13th.

The International Travel Expo will be held in Macau tomorrow.
Due to the current corona policy, there are no international market exhibitors,
It is expected that there will be many exhibitors from China.
With the National Day holiday coming up in early October, we may be able to expect an increase in the number of tourists.